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Exposing young people to the Chinese language will open up their minds and get people from different countries working together, sharing values and learning various cultures, according to Huntsman.

ambassador to China Jon Huntsman toured Merrimack High School on Wednesday, speaking in Mandarin with students and discussing the school's foreign exchange program with China.

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Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk

He commended the students for taking on such a challenging language, but said it will help prepare them for the future. America and China are two important countries on the world stage, he said, explaining it will be beneficial for them to be able to understand both the English and Mandarin languages.

in Taiwan, said Huntsman's Mandarin was perfect, and that barely a trace of accent was evident.

The current presidential candidate then met with students from the school's first ever Mandarin Chinese class. Speaking in Mandarin, Huntsman Louboutin 2017 Collection

After viewing the Chinese terracotta warrior statue on display in the school's front lobby, Christian Louboutin Pumps Tumblr

is a great experience for all of you, he said.

introduced himself to the class and then students each personally greeted him with a message in Mandarin.

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Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk

Huntsman also viewed Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk the China display and soldier's memorial in glass cases inside the school entrance.

There are 27 students enrolled in the Mandarin Chinese class, according to teacher Lei Xue, who said the students are excited to be learning a new language and about the Chinese culture.

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The combination of business and science will be a powerful relationship going forward, according to Huntsman, who encouraged the students to stay true to their goals and aspirations.

´╗┐urges students to change the world

me you will change the world, he said, motivating the Merrimack students to make a difference.

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The Merrimack High School's marching band was there to greet Huntsman as he arrived at the front entrance of the building, playing a welcoming song for the former Utah governor.

Principal Kenneth Johnson explained that the Mandarin class was added this year to give students a competitive edge in the real world.

to your teacher and learn as much as you can, urged Huntsman. will begin to understand how important it is.

Huntsman told the students that if they are able to get a head start in the Chinese language, it may open up new opportunities for them.

Following the tour, Huntsman described the local school as impressive and extraordinary, classifying it as an up and coming institution committed to lifelong learning and preparing students with skills such as the Chinese language.

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He spoke briefly with students from the Science Olympiad class, wishing them luck on their next competition. Questioning whether the teens anticipate pursuing a career in science, senior Kevin Palm told the presidential candidate that he intends to study nuclear physics with the hope of someday working for NASA.

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Huntsman also visited the school's biodiesel laboratory, discussing the biodiesel bus and its new initiative to eventually use algae to produce biodiesel.

Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk

Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk

While acknowledging that the Chinese sounds and tones are difficult to understand and perfect, senior Samantha Lo, whose parents grew up Christian Louboutin Chocolate Shoes

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